Our Planet

A Documentary series that explores natural beauty and wonders of our planet.

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Synopsis: It is a series of documentaries examining the breadth of the inclusivity of habitats found throughout the globe, from the remote Arctic wilderness and the varied jungles of South America and the enigmatic depths ocean to the enormous landscapes of Africa. It inspects the diverse natural wonders, recognizable species, and wildlife spectacles that are still present and identifies the critical problems that pose an immediate threat to their survival. The biggest danger to the condition of our planet today is us - humans.

What parents should be aware of

Parents should be aware that the scenic natural documentary series “Our Planet” explores how climate change affects wildlife as well as habitats. Other than being absolutely gorgeous the series has little parts that discuss climate change and how humans contribute to it. There are some scenes where predators are seen hunting their prey, which occasionally leads to the death of a baby animal. The show also has scenes where they display the remains of animals that perished in accidents like falling off cliffs. Most of the program is devoted to introducing viewers to fascinating species and their strategies for surviving harsh environments, limited food sources, and depleting shelter resources.

The storyline

“Our Planet” is a British documentary series available on Netflix. David Attenborough serves as the series' narrator, and Silverback Films is its producer. Most of the show's episodes are concentrated in places like the grasslands, frozen tundra, and jungles. Each episode follows a similar pattern of emergence, exploration, as well as conservation because the hope at the beginning of each hour is that we can discover a way to coexist with nature. The segment begins with the introduction of something wonderful, shows us how its surroundings are in danger, and concludes with the upbeat message that things may yet change. The documentary occasionally returns to conservation, but it is not its only subject. Like the other Planet series, it aims to discover the wonders of our planet. Even to the casual observer, the advancement in camera technology employed to capture these incredible animals and their habitats is mind-boggling.

How good is it?

This expertly made nature docuseries transforms countless hours of videography into just 8 episodes of mesmerizing, compelling, and occasionally emotional drama. It is predictably beautiful and inspiring. The foundation of the show's content is life, death, famine, feast, and the never-ending struggle to stay alive and procreate. The show is set by Attenborough's assertion of the following data: Over the past fifty years, wildlife populations have decreased by approximately 60% as the human populations grow. From there, he concludes that humans are the only ones who can assure nature's recovery as they are responsible for its increased instability. The issue is that it's a pointless debate given how stunningly beautiful nature and animal scenes are on Our Planet. Attenborough rarely revisits the subject of conservation and climate change. The series' ultimate purpose is somewhat unclear, but it doesn't take away from its remarkable demonstration of the world's wonders.


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