Karma’s World

A little girl leads an upbeat life, learning to own her identity by dealing with the challenges of middle school.

Recommended for age

7 +

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Positive Messages


Drinking, Drugs & Smoking








Positive Role Models





Musical Drama


Chris "Ludacris" Bridges



Synopsis: An animated TV series revolving around a gifted little girl in middle school named Karma, who uses her power of music and rap to get through everyday problems. A positive, empathetic show involving challenging situations that are real. Karma’s follows a little girl with immense talent and an even bigger heart.

What parents should be aware of

Karma‘s world has the sole basis of portraying and empowering a black lead character as it was created by the famous singer and actor Ludacris for his own daughter, Karma. The TV series is written by Halcyon Person and Kelly R. Griffin, who are both already accomplished, black writers. The series is told from the perspective of a black middle school girl who is bold in voicing out her opinions and uses her common black charismatic talent of rap to create solutions to problems for the common good. This includes helping out family members, friends, and the community around her.

The storyline

The TV series Karma’s World currently has two seasons running on Netflix. The animated series is colourful, creative, and energetic. Karma Grant is a middle schooler who expresses her black identity through her feelings in the world by using the thing she loves the most- that is her rapping skill and music. Karma spreads positivity by writing down intricate pieces of Song lyrics in her journal. She uses the lyrics to act out the raps in front of her friends, family, and the community at whole. The show is warm and hearty as it deals with challenges a young black girl in high school can face and how she opts for the right way by asking for help from her parents and assessing detailed conversations with her friends. Each episode has a new story and deals with how she chooses to use her decision-making skills to cope with challenging situations regarding her race and identity. She uses her confidence and intelligence by expressing her self-esteem to tackle obstacles that get in the way of her dreams.

How good is it?

Because of the relatability factor, the show proves to be quite enticing. A strong black female lead who creatively maneuvers her way through everyday life situations by using her black talent of singing creates a beautiful storyline. Middle school is one of the most technical phases of a child’s life because they are growing up and maturing concerning people and the world around them. The show is produced by black producers and written by black writers, and black actors do the voiceovers. The contributors of the show themselves have similar stories to Karma’s world. The various episodes deal with everyday problems teenagers can face while they are maturing. For instance, in one of the episodes, Karma faces an ordinary situation that any black child would have to go through while living in a diverse community. Her friends that come from different backgrounds begin to question why she doesn’t have ‘normal’ hair as they do. Karma is patient, as is her mother, who waits for her friends to leave and discusses with Karma how her black features make her beautiful and who she really is. These moments portrayed in this TV series spread positivity and powerfully show the realistic side of appearances and colour by making children going through the same thing feel less overwhelmed. Parents, as well as children, can relate to the series and appreciate it even more. The message it gives is positive and empowering. It is not directed at a black audience only because people from various backgrounds can learn from it and analyze their situations. It aims to empower and elevate the thought process of children going through the troublesome phase of middle school. It paints a colourful picture through creative storytelling.


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