A fun series with educational content that introduce various scientific subjects to young audiences.

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Synopsis: It's the science of your world described in a surprisingly relatable way, covering topics like memory, germs, social media, space and more. Each episode deals with a different topic and explains the idea through experiments and real life incidents. The show is kept interesting throughout by the young dynamic host, a science expert, assistants, and a magic performer. Also, it conveys powerful emotional and social messages about self-identity, self-esteem, and being the best version of yourself.

What parents should be aware of

Parents should be aware that Brainchild is indeed a science-inspired series that uses interesting visual aids, expert commentary, and interesting facts to teach kids about topics like the senses, marine biology, neurology, and gravity. Using experiments and innovative presentation techniques, all the topics are presented at a level relatable to children. In addition to debunking misconceptions about science this series aims to educate children about science. There is an episode on social media that will help young adults understand the reality h=behind social media as well.

The storyline

Brainchild is a Netflix education documentary series produced by Pharrell Williams, who is also the producer of the most famous National Geographic’s Brain Games. Topics like space, memory, creativity, and germs are covered in the 13 episodes of Brainchild. Each 25 minutes episode is an exploration of fascinating subjects, such as feelings, dreams, superheroes, social media, and creativity, to name just a few. The show is hosted by Sahana Srinivasan, introduces a new subject, and inspects how it might connect to viewers' experiences in each episode. The program teaches children how and why things happen in the world across them with the help of visual aids, in-depth knowledge from "Science Friend" Alie Ward, and exciting demonstrations from magician Ben Seidman. For example, the host Sahana talks about the five-second rule: if you drop the food on the floor, it is completely safe if you pick it up within 5 seconds. Then they show numerous visual examples and showed that germs don’t wait for five seconds to attack your food.

How good is it?

Science education has never been more enjoyable than it is in this entertaining program. Kids can learn a lot from this cleverly constructed series. Although kids under age 6 or 7 can appreciate Brainchild's thoroughly enjoyable and gladly accept the blend of education and entertainment, its intended audience is early tweens. They might not comprehend everything, especially if they are not yet solid independent readers like some supporting content, such as definitions of new vocabulary, are shown on the screen, and besides what they do comprehend could ignite an interest in science that can be developed. This series is one of those rare TV shows that are genuinely family-friendly, with topics that toggle between practical, content, and abstract scientific concepts that entice as much as it teaches. If you watch with your children, you'll probably pick up some new information along the way. This innovative, entertaining series proves that science can be enjoyable even though it isn't a comprehensive educational tool.


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