Ada Twist, Scientist

An entertaining series that piques the scientific curiosity of little children.

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Synopsis: Ada Twist, Scientist is a television show about a young girl named Ada Twist who has an insatiable curiosity for the scientific world and a burning desire to question everything. Each episode is filled with experiments, problem-solving, and lots of laughs as Ada and her friends work together to solve mysteries and learn about science. A fun show that introduces the idea of brainstorming and hypotheses.

What parents should be aware of

Ada Twist, Scientist is a new animated series created by Chris Nee with Obama’s Higher Ground Productions. This TV series is about a girl named Ada who loves science. The show applauds her innate inquisitiveness and encourages children to question the world around them and explore the answers for themselves. Ada is a little girl who thinks like a scientist - she is always asking questions, looking for explanations and answers. This exciting show is a fun way to stimulate children's curiosity and creativity. It has strong role models and great over all theme of exploration. Other than Ada’s parents saying they love each other and briefly kissing, there's not much questionable content.

The storyline

The 2022 Anime Award-winning Ada Twist, Scientist is a delightful animated series on Netflix which is based on a popular book series by Andrea Beatty. An 8-year-old girl named Ada is the star of the show, who is fascinated by science and is discovering how the world works. Her best friends, Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere, as well as her parents, older brother Arthur, and mischievous cat Mooshu, join Ada on her never-ending quest for knowledge. The show follows Ada Twist, an inquisitive young girl who always looks at the world around her with scientific curiosity. She loves figuring out how things work and asking questions, even if they sometimes make her parents uncomfortable. With the help of her trusty lab notebook and her two best friends, she embarks on experiments that help her understand the world and answer her questions. She guides her friends through the scientific method as they sing songs about scientific concepts such as brainstorming and hypotheses. Rosie uses her engineering skills to build their gadgets, while Iggy contributes his architect skills by drawing up plans.

How good is it?

Everything about this show is excellent, as you'd expect from the brains of Obamas' Higher Ground production business and Doc McStuffins creator Chris Nee. With Ada Twist, Scientist, the beloved children's book comes to life in a new way, bringing the endearing characters and their quirks to life. If you're looking for a TV show that celebrates STEM and the power of curiosity, Ada Twist, Scientist is a great choice. Every episode also includes videos from actual scientific field expeditions with real-life scientists who are experts on the subject. Ada Twist, Scientist is an excellent show for kids because it celebrates curiosity and encourages kids to ask questions. It also teaches them the importance of perseverance – Ada often has to try multiple times before she solves a problem. It is a fun and educational show that will inspire a new generation of young girls and boys to get excited about STEM fields. The show has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Children's Program, and it’s clear that it’s a hit with both parents and kids. Don't be surprised if your kids start conducting dirty experiments just like the ones they see on TV. Then again, who knows? They might just surprise us with something new.


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