A heart-touching quirky animated movie by Pixar that is empowering with its narrative.

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Synopsis: A famous animated movie about a cute little robot who cleans up the overburdened waste-covered earth: in his pursuit of the good, he meets a robot like him and falls in love with her. Together they will make a remarkable journey that will cater to the fate of all humanity.

What parents should be aware of

The movie gives out an impactful and vital message to its viewers. It makes children understand that wasting and using too much stuff will eventually exhaust planet Earth with toxicity and lead to the extinction of all life forms. Parents need to know that although this movie is a winning Pixar production which is full of adventure and even romance, younger viewers often get bored and even restless from the surroundings in the movie. It is to be kept in mind that the movie is entirely dialogue-free for roughly the first half-hour. The main protagonist in the movie, Wall E, uses actions and sounds instead of language to communicate. The atmosphere around the movie is quite dull and not precisely colorful for most parts of the movie. However, the little robot in the movie catches the attention of children and grown-ups alike. Sometimes words are not needed to get the message across. This is what is done in this movie. Various instances give way to a bit of action in the movie, such as explosions, weapons, and fights as well as chasing scenes that hook viewers. The message portrayed is, however, strong and potent. The movie encourages children to use the 3Rs and think about how they are affecting the planet so that it could be a better place and children can include better habits in their everyday life.

The storyline

The visionary story of Wall E takes place in the rundown future of mother Earth. Planet Earth is devoid of life and will be a dull and dark place in the future. There is waste and garbage everywhere. There are no plants and absolutely no humans or animals. The only source of movement and life comes from the main character, wall E which is a cute little robot that stands for waste allocation load lifter earth-class. The robot, although small, comes with a mighty purpose which is To save an already destroyed planet Earth by cleaning it. During wall E's journey, something odd happens. An unknown spaceship opens up and leaves an egg-shaped robot behind. This robot's name is Eve. It is love at first sight because Eve is intelligent, beautiful, and quick. And the love story takes a turn when she is taken back to humanity's current home in a giant spaceship called AXIOM. Here humans flew on their personal hovercraft and used hi-fi technology such as touch screens to communicate and get their jobs done. The human condition is quite alarming because they are on-site unfortunate and idle. They are so lazy that they forget how to walk as well. Since Wally has spent all his time alone, he cannot afford to lose his newfound love, Eve, so he follows her, both counter to a powerful and important cause. They do whatever is in their power to awaken the hollow people of earth.

How good is it?

This movie is a revolutionary and moving production that aims at provoking and entertaining children and adults alike. The use of animations attracts children and makes the message beautifully woven into a masterpiece that employs actions instead of dialogues. The silence is the moving feature in the movie because it deeply gives out an insightful message. Children and adults alike tend to fall in love with Wall E right away. The way he moves around and the way he looks, especially the doe eyes all add to the attraction of his character. The movie is rigorously detailed and portrays a challenging but overt message through a phenomenal cinematic experience. The movie caters to many themes such as loneliness, struggle, hardship, and tackling the impossible. The movie begins with shabby earth, where Wall E takes down his job of cleaning it along with his funny cockroach friend. The movie takes a romantic turn when wall E falls in love with a robot named Eve. Their interaction is through silence but musical because of the voices they make. Because Eve is distant, wall E has no choice but to follow her and make a life for the betterment of the earth. The beginning of the movie tackles a very disappointing reality of humankind. Man tends to waste excessively without assessing harmful reactions. The movie gives off an eco-friendly message aiming at social resolve. It is fun to watch the movie and create your own meaning since it's dialogue-free in the beginning. Many people like the film because of how empowering and important it is, but some say that the movie is quite dull and unattractive.


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