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Synopsis: Up is a story of an old man, Carl Fredricksen, who after the death of his wife decides to fulfil their dream of visiting Paradise Falls. This movie is his adventure to the South American Paradise Falls. A fabulous blend of imaginative storytelling that tug your heartstrings with a profound message about the importance of family, friendship, and hope.

What parents should be aware of

Up is a Pixar animated movie directed by Pete Docter, the creator of Monsters Inc. This movie that has been given a PG rating for “mild violence and some scary moments.” While the movie is about love and friendship, it contains some emotionally intense or scary scenes for young children. For example, in the beginning of the movie, there are moments where there is gun firing, a bunch of dogs trying to get rid of the character and an instance where the characters almost fall off the house that is floating. The movie also has an emotional and perhaps disturbing scene that may prompt them to think about ageing, disease, and death. So, it is good for older kids and adults to enjoy, may not be suitable for young sensitive kids.

The storyline

Up is a heartwarming movie that tells the story of an old man, Carl Frederickson. When Carl Fredricksen and Ellie Fredricksen were children, they had dreamed of visiting the exotic Paradise Falls in South America, which Charles Muntz, a famous explorer, had claimed was the most beautiful spot in the world. After Ellie's death, Carl intends to fulfil his treasured late wife's goal of flying their house to Paradise Falls by tying hundreds of helium balloons to their home. Russel, an overly friendly Boy Scout, tags along, much to Carl's dismay. The two make several new friends along the way, including a talking dog. When they finally get there, the odd couple finds out that Muntz would rather kill a rare bird than live in paradise. Only Carl and Russell can stop a guy who was once his childhood hero from wreaking havoc on the world. Although it may seem like a simple story about an old man and his adventure, Up is actually quite profound. The film is heartwarming and emotional, with a powerful message about the importance of family, friendship, and hope.

How good is it?

Up is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed animated films of all time. In a world where most animated movies are based on comic books, it was a breath of fresh air when Pixar released Up. The touching story of an old man and his young Wilderness Explorer companion is bolstered by breathtaking visuals and an emotionally charged score. The story of an old man who ties thousands of helium balloons to his house and flies away to South America was something audiences had never seen before. What makes the movie so great is the unlikely friendship that forms between Carl and a young boy, Russell. Their journey is full of adventure and humour, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in their adventure. Themes such as love, loss, and friendship are explored in-depth, making it one of Pixar's most emotionally powerful movies. Up has been praised for its animation, humour, story, and heart. It was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature Film. The story is touching and heartwarming, and it teaches viewers the importance of chasing their dreams. But most importantly, it is a very touching story that will leave you feeling happy and inspired.


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