Finding Nemo

This is father-son animated movie by Pixar that has some moments that are scary.

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6 +

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Synopsis: The film follows the exploits of little Nemo, a clownfish born with a voracious curiosity and an undersized fin. He is an overprotected child who misses in the sea. On the first day of school Nemo’s father Marlin asks him to stay close to the reef, but Nemo ends up being caught by a diver and taken to Sydney. Finding Nemo is a colourful magnificent tale about acceptance and kindness, as well as an exciting story of adventure and teamwork.

What parents should be aware of

Finding Nemo is an animated movie directed by Andrew Stanton and co-directed Lee Unkrich. As in all Pixar films there are no typical bad guys but there are still a few frightening moments, such as the apparent death of the main character, giant creatures with billions of sharp teeth, and several anxious moments with characters are in danger. A predator eats Marlin's wife and all their eggs except one at the start of the film, this could upset young children. The film has many positive messages of determination, teamwork, loyalty, and a father's endless love for his son. There are some bits of potty humour. The problem of Nemo’s disability of his crippled fin is managed exceptionally well, in a matter-of-fact but candid manner. Over all a fantastically mounted film filled with colour and adventure. Some sensitive kids might not enjoy the scary moments.

The storyline

Marlin, a clownfish, is a nervous and overprotective dad in this animated story, since his wife and all eggs except one were eaten by a barracuda (a predator). Marlin's surviving child, Nemo, who has a stunted fin, is eager to start school, but his father, Marlin, is absolutely petrified. He makes Nemo feel fearless and confident, but he is still overly protective, making him anxious to prove his independence. On the 1st day of school, Marlin informs Nemo to reside with the class to prevent the dangers of the deep water, however Nemo forgets and gets caught by a diver eventually ending up in a dentist's fish tank (aquarium). Marlin swims to the very end of the ocean to find his son. The journey also introduces him to remarkable characters and teaches him a lot about the world and even more about himself. On the way, he meets with a fish name dory, with a short-term memory loss. She helps him to find Nemo. Their journey is filled with action, adventure and friendship. In the meantime, Nemo makes some great friends in the aquarium of dentist, one of which is a tiger fish who aids him in his escape plan.

How good is it?

Finding Nemo is an epic journey full of adventure and discovery that spans the immensity of the ocean. IT also explores the most intimate longings of the heart. Pixar's fantastic animation and the skilled voice actors have made each character marvellously expressive while maintaining the characters' essential "fishy-ness." Although there are some fearsome creatures as well as scary moments in locating Nemo, there are really no evil guys; the problems come from a child's irresponsibility and natural hazards. In addition, unlike most traditional Disney animated films, there are no jealous, enraged, greedy, or murderous villains. The film's sorting of Nemo's disability is another highlight. The way it explains questions at the core of the parent-child connection is particularly effective, giving everyone in the viewing public something to connect to and realize from. Some moments such as the death of Marlin's partner and future kids may be a bit overwhelming for sensitive kids.


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