Beyond Blue

Explore the depths with Mirai in Beyond Blue, an immersive underwater adventure discovering marine life and unraveling ocean mysteries!

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8 +

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Nintendo Switch

Synopsis: Dive into Beyond Blue, where players become Mirai, an intrepid diver and researcher. Utilize cutting-edge equipment to study ocean creatures, follow the journey of a newborn sperm whale, and unveil the impact of human activities. Immerse in an educational and captivating adventure exploring the wonders and challenges of the deep

What parents should be aware of

Parents, while Beyond Blue offers an engaging marine educational experience for kids, some scenes depict natural predator-prey interactions and the potential effects of human actions on marine life. Sensitively approaching topics of environmental impact, this game can stimulate conversations about ocean conservation, but may require guidance for younger players to comprehend the implications

The storyline

Embark on an enthralling journey as Mirai in Beyond Blue, an interactive narrative highlighting the mysteries of the ocean. Through advanced technology, players delve into marine habitats, from angelfish to orcas, documenting behaviors and fostering empathy for aquatic life. As Mirai's connection with a pod of sperm whales deepens, the narrative skillfully weaves concerns about their well-being in the face of human activities. This emotionally resonant storyline prompts players, young and old, to contemplate their impact on the environment

How good is it?

Beyond Blue stands as a remarkable educational tool and entertainment experience for young minds. Seamlessly blending learning with gameplay, it offers an unparalleled chance for kids to explore marine life up close, sparking curiosity about the underwater world. The game's non-intrusive exploration approach, coupled with mesmerizing visuals and an empathetic narrative, ensures an enriching and emotionally engaging experience. Parents can appreciate the game's potential to ignite discussions about conservation, environmental responsibility, and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Although the game sensitively portrays predator-prey dynamics and hints at the effects of human interference, it's an opportunity for kids to understand the intricate relationships within nature. To make the most of this experience, parents might want to guide younger players during these moments. In essence, Beyond Blue emerges as a must-have addition to any child's gaming repertoire, offering entertainment, education, and a deeper connection to the oceans that blanket our planet


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