Goodnight Moon

A vibrant traditional children's bedtime story about a rabbit's daily routine before bedtime.

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Margaret Wise Brown



Synopsis: As the lights darken and the moon glows in a large picture window, a young bunny says goodnight to all the little things in the green-walled bedroom. From little posters on the wall to the kittens and the mittens - the bunny says goodnight to everything including the noises everywhere. A sing song rhyme and rhythm format make reading this book engaging and interesting.

What parents should be aware of

Margaret Wise Brown wrote Goodnight Moon and Clement Hurd illustrated it. It's a traditional children's bedtime story about a rabbit's daily routine before bedtime. Before retiring to sleep, this little rabbit of this story takes note of everything in his eyesight and bids everyone good night. Everything has been viewed, from the wall paintings to the rodents to the clock, also said goodnight. The rabbit becomes increasingly exhausted as the story progresses, eventually saying, "Goodnight noises everywhere," as he falls asleep. Children can learn about the importance of rituals from this story. As we can see, the outer world appears to have no bearing on what occurs when the little bunny retires to his bed. He is unconcerned about tomorrow's events or any complications that may have arisen during the day. He's just pleased to be in bed and say goodnight to all his belongings. This motif is also present in the concept of the small rabbit saying goodnight to inanimate objects to reassure them as he is comforted.

The storyline

This isn't just a narrative about a good bunny. It's the story of a rabbit saying routine goodnights to numerous inanimate items, including a red balloon, a matching set of socks, a dollhouse, a bowl of mush, and two kittens, written in rhythmic rhyming poetry. The bunny (who might be terrified of going to bed) is sleeping in his mother's bed (based on the drying laundry and the phone's presence in the room). The book's lyrics emphasize item permanence, repetition, and an elaborate color palette that people love or despise, depending on who you ask. (It's a neon orange! Bright tomatoes! (What a strange green!) While the notion of Goodnight Moon is simple, there is an overt message with hidden meanings. Many youngsters have trouble going asleep, whether because they don't want to be alone or afraid of the dark. Goodnight Moon demonstrates a technique for falling asleep that involves saying goodnight to everything in the room. This gives youngsters the impression that they are not alone in the room and gives them a sense of security as they go off to sleep. This impression is aided by the presence of an adult in the room. Goodnight Moon embodies this routine in a perfect narrative for nighttime reading. What begins as a narrative concludes with a bedtime activity that helps the child sleep soundly.

How good is it?

Goodnight Moon follows the small rabbit as he says his routine goodbye to all of the things in his room before going to sleep as he makes his way through the pages. It's a one-of-a-kind book that piques the interest of even the tiniest reader. The graphics are exceptional and unique with the choice of colours. The rhyme and rhythm will aid in the development of pre-school vocabulary. The vibrant colours stand out from the sea of books intended for this age group. A relaxing bedtime story that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Some readers might not like the illustrations and may consider them unappealing. But, the book grows on the reader and also reflects directly on little ones. They will soon be making up their own good nights. Though the book was first published in 1947, it is still relevant today. The world has changed outside but the bedroom has remained the same. Margaret Wise Brown believed that a child should be surprised with the unexpected and should be comforted with the familiar… and that’s exactly what this book is.


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