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About Me

About me

My name is Candice Voss, I have a psychology background and have worked as an au pair, facilitator at mainstream schools and as a therapist at a specialised therapy intervention centre for children with social, emotional, communication challenges and behavioural difficulties. For the past several years I worked at an NPO focusing on Autism, family support, parent and professional workshops, behaviour management, school support and training as well as support at Tygerberg Hospital and Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Content-Kids is my private practice where I focus on parenting support, inclusive education and teacher support as well as special needs support with a specific focus on autism, behavior management and alternative communication systems. 


Family Support
Parenting Support

I am passionate about parenting and am a mother of 2 amazing children. I have focused on behaviour management for many years, if you can get your child’s behavioural challenges under control parenting becomes a lot more enjoyable. 

This can be achieved through understanding your child, positive parenting, putting up boundaries as a parent and creating routines in the home that will help your child feel secure and able to grow in independence. Parenting is hard work but can be a lot of fun too.

What to expect as a first time parent

Baby sign language

Playing with your child

Toilet training

Specific childhood difficulties (anxiety, adhd, emotional regulation, helping your child to listen, house rules, childrens chores)

Positive parenting

Behavior management

School Support

I have a special interest in inclusive education and feel strongly that all children have the right to an education. Children all learn differently and at different paces and there are many strategies that can be implemented to embrace this. 

This means equipping and supporting schools, teachers, teacher assistants and facilitators to use inclusive teaching tools and methods. It is hard to contain my excitement for inclusive education and what teachers could be doing in their classes. As well as educate and assist teachers with their IEP needs.

Classroom strategies for the struggling child

Inclusive strategies

IEP assistance

Facilitation placement and training

Special needs support
Special Needs Support

I have had international and national experience with Autism as well as Down Syndrome. I have been privileged enough to have been able to dedicate a few years to truly trying to understand Autism and Down Syndrome. Parenting is overwhelming, parenting a special needs child means that you really need so much more support than anyone can comprehend. 

There is often a team of people supporting each special needs child, but there is not a support system for the parents of those children. Special needs children often have many different therapists that they go to, but not many people spend time explaining those therapies to the parents. I hope to bridge this gap between therapists and parents as well as support parents in their journey with their special needs children, especially those that have children with communication barriers.


Down Syndrome


Sensory Processing

Alternative communication strategies

Behavior management

Early development

Au pair training and support

School guidance


Workshops to be announced

Rates & Bookings

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are an hour long and can take place at my offices in Bergvleit or Sea Point

R500 per hour and R250 per half hour thereafter

Home Visits

R500 per hour and R250 per half hour thereafter 

Billed hours include travel time

AA rates may apply


All workshops are R250 per family (families are welcome to bring multiple members at no additional cost)

Workshops are between 2 and 3 hours


If you have any quiries please contact me


If you have enquiries please contact me